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Funeral Plans-Canada has created two powerful seminar programs entitled “Remember When" and "Smart Choice”. Designed to evoke emotions, "Remember When" will have your audience recapturing the memories that should be preserved for loved ones. It takes people on a journey back through time.

Our “Smart Choice” is a more advanced seminar system that caters to a “no smoke and mirror” approach for the audience and instills urgency in taking care of business now rather than later. Both seminars reinforce traditional funeral values and focus on the need for families to gather and share their loved ones stories. The message encourages a non-selling atmosphere where the guests feel relaxed and you appear as the community educator.

“Seminar Attendees are raving about the power of Remember When and Smart Choice!”

With response rates as high as 6% from our strategically designed invitations, you can expect large qualified audiences of up to 300 attendees!

Our seminar system includes hands-on assistance in planning your event, beginning with the use of highly effective invitations. Funeral Providers will be provided with a customized slide presentation that educates the importance of planning ahead so that family members can be together, sharing precious memories instead of worrying about the details of planning a funeral.

A 40-page “Memories Life Stories Booklet” is also made available at the end of the program to attendee’s who wish to learn more about preplanning.

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