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Funeral Professionals excel at serving families in the first 3-5 days that follow a loss. They help them say goodbye, grieve, and begin to heal. However, the healing process, while it varies for everyone, does not end at the service. Families continue to need support as they cope through a loss. Think about the year that follows the loss of a loved one. That year contains a lot of “firsts”. First birthday without the loved one, the first Holiday season, and the first anniversary of the death.

The SoftTouch program reaches out to families on these pivotal days that follow a loss and provides you with a natural, sincere approach to customer follow up.

Beautiful cards commemorate these occasions and have the option to include Funeral Providers logo, picture of your choice, and your handwritten signature. Available in both English and French, the program is completely automated, which means you can do what you do best, serve families, without worrying about logistics.

It is a heartfelt gesture that requires very little effort of your time but makes a huge impression on families.

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